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You Can't Keep a Dope Fiend Down...

Level of 2020 Preparedness = Batman Villain


Hello Dope fRiends - and welcome everyone to the all-new Dope Fiends Comics Webpage! It's been almost a year since we last had a presence on the internet, but 2020 marks TDF Comics 16th anniversary and we are going back to basics.

On our PORTFOLIO page, you will find examples of our productivity and studio output in media ranging from crochet and music, to politics and painting. Please take the time to explore the provided links and learn more about whatever aspect of TDF Comics, and our work that interests you most.

2020 has been a hellscape of a year so far, with the promise of an agonizing end to come. Here at the Dope Fiends Comics, our commitment remains to spiritual growth through creativity. We remain true to the idea we explored when we created our very first comic in 2004, that the journey is more important than the destination. Join us as we continue our journey towards a better tomorrow for everyone.

It might not be pretty. It's going to get messy. Possibly people will be triggered, probably offended... but c'mon, this is the DOPE FIEND Comics we're talking about here - the name should say it all. What with February's presidential Impeachment, the global COVID-19 Pandemic, the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Vanessa Guillen and so many more people of color at the hands of the police and army; TDFs have made a decidedly political turn.

This new website will continue to connect you to all of the great creative content that you are used to from TDF Comics, but will also have a larger primary focus on using our voice and platform to initiate a discussion on social reform and the conscious evolution of the human race, as well as using our talents and skillset to express these ideas in a creative manner.

Art is political. It forces us to think, to re-evaluate our beliefs, to examine our selves and to determine who we want to be. Come with us. Be a Dope Fiend.

- AP

EPT - 8.2.20

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