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There's a new deal in town - it's that BOOMLA Sound!

For anybody out there wondering why it has been so quiet on the Dope Fiends Comics front over the past few months, or to anyone on my social media feeds wondering what this ‘BOOMLA Designs’ thing is that keeps popping up on their timeline – we here at the Dope Fiends Comics are proud to announce the arrival of our brand-spanking new sister-site BOOMLA Designs!

When the pandemic and it's risk of COVID infection drove my wife to re-evaluate her priorities and leave her hospital administration job earlier this year, we decided to re-organize what was left of the existing Dope Fiends Comics business infrastructure and fold it into my wife’s burgeoning new enterprise and fledgling design company.

BOOMLA Designs was founded on the principle that sometimes just putting on a set of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet has a way of lifting your spirits. Our goal is for you to get the same sense of hope and wellbeing from our items that we get when creating them. To that end, we have both received a certification as Level I Reiki practitioners and are in infusing our jewelry and design items with balanced healing energy.

Our flagship product line includes some incredible earrings made from two-part epoxy resin, canvas, wood, metal, beads, polymer clay, acrylics and more. As well as earrings, we are debuting a line of Pendulums for dowsing use and an art and print shop where you can purchase original paintings or their likenesses on all kinds of cool products like pillows, phone cases, t-shirts, shoes and just about anything else you can think of… (masks – yes!)

Don't worry though, the Dope Fiends Comics aren't going anywhere. I am simply shifting the burden and focus of our financial enterprise over to the design half of the studio and freeing up the publishing half to do what it was initially intended to do, and put out new, original and awesome content.

If you don't believe me, take a moment to head over to the newest webcomic section of the site, Orko Construx the Universe! In which Orko happens to transform the Masters of the Universe into Mega-Construx building blocks and He-Man and Skeletor must team up to return the planet of Eternia to its rightful glory... which also gives me an excuse to photograph Mega-Construx's awesome MOTU themed toys!

I have to take a moment here to thank my wife, Natalie for all of her hard work and dedication to this endeavor. She left a job of eighteen years to follow her dreams and her passion and it’s already led to amazing discoveries. Primarily this – I AM GOOD AT MAKING EARRINGS.

Who knew? How would I have ever known that I enjoy making them as well if Nat hadn’t started to pursue her goals? I’m grateful that this hidden talent was brought out in me and I hope that everyone will enjoy our unique and stylish pieces and help us spread the word.

There’s a new deal in town – listen for the sound… BOOMLA!

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