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Tribes of the Moon Tarot

By now, most of you will be familiar with my enduring love of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. It was a formative film and story when I was growing up, and as with most of the things I love, (The Muppets, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, etc.) it involves a host of original and unique characters that center around inclusivity. With the constant crap-fest that 2020 has unloaded upon the Earth I decided to utilize my time in quarantine to complete a sketch-book challenge, and created my own Nightbreed Tarot deck.

The cards were created in my sketchbook as mixed media paintings using watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil and marker. Although I did use pics and screenshots from the film and comics, I did not project any of them, these are all freehand drawings (otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, would it?)

For the artwork, I did a deep dive into the NIghtbreed mythology. Characters were sourced not only from the novel, Cabal and the film Nightbreed, but also from the original run of EPIC comics. I used my copy of Nightbreed Chronicles to help me fine tune some of the card meanings and align them with the chosen artwork and characters.



0 – The Fool: Le Roy Gomm

1- The Magician: Saul

2- The High Priestess: Shuna Sassi

3- The Empress: Veale

4- The Emperor: Giblin

5- The Hierophant: Lylesburg

6- The Lovers: I’ll Never Leave You

7- The Chariot: Narcisse

8- Justice: Peloquin

9- The Hermit: Nothin’ but Dead Folks

10- The Wheel of Fortune: Release the Berserkers

11- Strength: The Berserkers

12- The Hanged Man: Ohnaka

13- Death: Decker

14- Temperance: Otis and Clay

15- The Devil: Lude

16- The Tower: The Necropolis

17- The Star: Chocolat

18- The Moon: Kinski

19- The Sun: Day

20- Judgement: Baphomet

21- The World: Midian

The Suit of Wands

Ace: Mater Q summons bats with a wand to sculpt guano into prophesies

Two: Kushnir Day drumming with wands as drumsticks

Three: scene from the Wall of Prophecy depicting zealots with wands wading in blood

Four: Babette plays with a doll and an effigy made of wands

Five: Peloquin and Targul battle using wands before Mexico, Scortch and Kinski

Six: Rachael materializes from smoke with a wand in hand, five wands are behind her

Seven: The reliquary of the Baptizer surrounded by seven wands

Eight: Mexico meditates surrounded by wands

Nine: Cabal is anointed by the Baptizer emprisoned by wands

Ten: Vasty Moses cannot climb rope ladders, even if they are made of wands

Page: Tater

Knight: Ozlet

Queen: Nana Nickneven

King: Paracelsus

The Suit of Cups

Ace: Annastasjia raises her cup and makes a toast

Two: Lude and Le Roy Gomm click cups

Three: The White Sisters of Midian change wine to blood as it flows from three floating cups

Four: The Harper invites you to choose from four cups at the picnic

Five: Looking for Boone? Only spilled cups here...

Six: Rachael and Babette lay cups of flowers in a tomb

Seven: Nana Nickneven gathers spell ingredients from the cups overflowing with magic

Eight: Familia Fabilu carry eight cups on the run from Midian’s destruction

Nine: Beloit Motto drinks up, three cups are empty six are still full

Ten: Cups of paint stand ready as Canus paints the Wall of Prophecy

Page: Aethnicus and Aethnici

Knight: Scortch

Queen: Lizzle B

King: Ashberry

The Suit of Swords

Ace: Move and I’ll slit your throat

Two: There is a face beneath this face

Three: I found something I think you should see

Four: Radinka in tomb with four swords, arm yourselves

Five: Brothers and Sisters, it is time to fight

Six: Spiderbaby jumps through a broken window, six swords point inward

Seven: Frick runs from the hole, seven swords mark his path Eight: Pessoa the Pale stands silent surrounded by eight swords Nine: Mulciber before a battle, nine swords behind him

Ten: Oral adds swords as teeth Page: Piglet

Knight: Lylesburg's Enforcer

Queen: Lori

King: Tezcatlipoca

The Suit of Pentacles

Ace: A berserker reaches up through a pentacle from below

Two: Yilly Kat and Deblobulo buy weed

Three: The Thrall sells a bag of weed for three pentacles

Four: Even the Breed keep their pentacles in a "piggy bank"

Five: Gideon Skillet juggles five pentacles

Six: A Nightbreed nursery with pentacles carved into the cribs

Seven: Grub babies love the mobile made of pentacles

Eight: Kolca Threeflies surrounded by eight pentacles

Nine: Dagon and Fachan smash a table, pentacle coins fly everywhere

Ten: Gallows under a tree with the Hand of Glory, pentacles are carved into the trunk

Page: Aello

Knight: Obama

Queen: Izpopolotl

King: Cabal


I felt like this project both sharpened my drawing skills and helped deepen my understanding of the tarot. I know that renditions of characters are still more cartoon than not, but I felt like my faces and hands especially got better the more I drew them. Some cards, such as the royal cards in all four suits, were stylized to look like playing cards, and these especially came out well. I hope Nightbreed fans and tarot practitioners alike will enjoy them.

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