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     Humanity is long gone from Earth. Consumed by our own avarice, all that remains of our once-proud civilization are the half-decayed remains of all that we once built. When brave explorers from a distant walk of life discover our planet, not devoid of life, but in a sort of paralysis, awaiting only the sign to reawaken.


     The sign comes in the form of a signal, emanating from a mysterious artifact uncovered in the wreckage and ruins. The Whisper Box! A device so seductive in its function, that none may withstand it. The Box Whispers deep in the subconscious that there is something you do not know, the knowing of which would change everything.


     Now the Cosmos is once more imperiled by the systematic vibrations enjoyed by those who came before us. Music has been rediscovered, and spreads memetically throughout interdimensional society.

Join the growing coalition of newly developing DJ’s as they band together in defense of DJAP’s jams blaring forth from the Whisper Box. This new album features 11 all-new tracks to keep your toes twerkin’ and your butt bouncin’.  Written and performed by DJAP, the Whisper Box takes heavy inspiration from AI text to image generative technology.

     “When the idea came to me of writing my next album, I wanted to explore the ideas that were suggested by the strangeness and off-kilter images created by AI.” DJAP tells us from within the confines of the Box itself.

     “AI gets such a bad rap, like its cheating or stealing art that other people have to spend time to create, but AI isn’t a cheat, it’s just another tool. I would never have been able to draw, paint or illustrate the images I used in the Whisper Box, but I found that they nonetheless contained a story that was suggested to me by the strangeness of the technology.”


     Without using any questionable prompting techniques citing other artists as references, DJAP is able to paint a thoroughly convincing portrait of a dystopian world in which music has been all but forgotten, until that is the titular Whisper Box begins its enigmatic broadcast.


     Who else might be out there, picking up the signal?


The Whisper Box Cover Art
The Whisper Box Track Listing


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