The Dope Fiends Anthology Volume II - Issue 2

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 The second issue of the Dope Fiends Anthology - Volume II. Continuing the story of Myam Agh'Naton and the Dope Fiends.  Full color, 32 pages and printed in the USA!

     When the Dope Fiends find the Benjamin Monastery deserted, they must embark on a dangerous quest into the memory fog, where somnambulant zombies roam trying to infecting travelers with their dreaded infection.

     This unconventional comic book is a fun departure from both the super-hero genre and traditional hand drawn comics. Using the Japanese technique of amigurumi the Dope Fiends Anthology Volume I features hand crocheted stop-motion puppets that exist in sets built from 1:12 scale miniature sized props and environments.

     Buy Volume II - Issue 2 now to catch up on all the Dope Fiends new adventures!