Weebuses - Freaky Sideshow Fetuses

Weebuses - Freaky SIdeshow Fetuses, crocheted amigurumi OOAK dolls

The chance of a lifetime, step right up!

     These OOAK art dolls are crocheted by hand by the same artists that bring you the Dope Fiends Comics.  Each doll is unique in its color, shape, and story. They make the perfect addition to your favorite goth collection, or are excellent decorations for this year's Halloween party!


     Weebuses come in three different sizes to choose from:

LG Weebus - 6" with jar

MD Weebus - 4" with jar

Weeblit - 2" with bottle


Supplies are limited, and once they're gone - they're gone! Be sure and get yours today! 

 Weebuses - crochet amigurumi fetuses OOAK art dolls