The Greatest Story Ever Told... In Crochet!

The Dope Fiends Comics - The Greatest Story Ever Told... In Crochet

The Dope Fiends Comics Anthology provides a new and unique thrill ride for new and experienced readers alike. Told with the visually striking format of "brochet" or "crocheted by a bro" amigurumi puppets, the Dope Fiends is a lot more than your average super-hero comic. It's the fantasy story of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll told in the glorious 3-D full color medium of comic books.

Meet Myam Agh'Naton, an amnesiac who befriends a tribe of lost and lonely people called the Fallowing, who help him to find himself as he helps them to find their home. The Dope Fiends Comics Anthology is the story of one man trying to make a difference and inspiring others to follow his example.