MAR artist el paso strangeliens about the artist graphic

     The Strangeliens were created by native El Paso artist Miguel A. Rodarte, known by the acronym MAR. A long time dope fRiend, MAR has collaborated with Revy AP in the past on multiple projects, including recording multiple albums as the Acoustic EDM duo EXP.

     In his work both painting canvases, and designing graphics MAR celebrates color and vibrancy with a bright juxtaposition of primary color with muted highlights and shadows. The Strangeliens celebrate this aesthetic as they (literally) jump off the page!

I was born and raised in El Paso. My passion for art goes back as far as I can remember. As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a cartoon artist. I would get in trouble in 3rdgrade for drawing all over my school folders, and still did that all the way up through college. I grew up playing sports and learned at an early age what hard work meant. I taught middle school for nine years and coached the boys’ basketball teams. Creating art pieces was always an outlet for me that I enjoyed.


            I enjoy drawing and coloring in color pencil, spray painting canvasses, and turning old guitars into decorative art. My work can be seen on my MAR Facebook and YouTube pages and on Instagram under MARArtist11.


            In March 2018, I met with Revy AP and we talked about collaborating on some future projects. So I created the “Strangeliens” while living in AZ. Over the last two months, it has been amazing to see my drawings come to life using Character Animator. With the help of Revy AP, my drawings are now ready for cartoon animation!  A long time dream of mine…


            Working with Revy AP has been a great learning experience. With my artistic eye and his skills on Adobe Character Animator, we have created a fun and exciting new project. Bringing my designs and ideas to the table, Revy AP is able to create and trouble shoot any design modifications that are needed. Going step by step, creating the characters using Photoshop, Revy AP helps you with the creative process. He is a professional and aims at releasing the best possible finished product he can. After viewing his work at you can see for yourself…


I have enjoyed working with Revy AP and Dope Fiends Comics on my creation “The Strangeliens,” and hope to soon release some new and exciting cartoon animations!


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