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In Your Dreams

Episode 02 : The Dream Conservatory - WATCH IT NOW

In Your Dreams - animated series logo form the Dope Fiends Comics

If you are reading this, it's already too late, you are part of this story...

     Dreams are mysterious experiences that hold the potential for both mundane and profound meaning. Each of us adventures nightly within the world of dreams, but how much do we actually understand them? Are dreams messages from other parts of our consciousness, or from something entirely external than our selves? 

     In your Dreams is the story of AP and his journey into dreams to attempt to decipher just what is happening while you are asleep, and what benefits if any can be discovered in those magical moments between sleep and waking. 

     Join us for the next installment in the Dope Fiends Anthology, as characters and events from our printed comics intersects and weaves throughout this all-new amigurumi animation as the story unfolds. 

     The world is facing a critical moment in history and each of us has the power to be the change we want to see. Waiting within you are the knowledge, compassion and infinite energy we need to make this world a better place, and you will find them, In Your Dreams!

Episode 01 : Love Dreams


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 The Music In Your Dreams

     Here is a link to our Soundcloud playlist, where you can listen to the music from "In Your Dreams." The background music was a critical part of the story, and was written to convey not only both the mood and themes going on in each scene, but the general idea behind what the animation suggests. All music is written in house, by none other than D-Jap, our resident one man band.