Tommy's Tummy - Digital Action Figures and Play Sets

tommy's tummy digital action figures for adobe character animator puppets for sale

Gastronomical Pop Surrealism in your hands!


     Who doesn't get hungry? We all do, right? Well nobody get hungrier than Tommy, a peculiar little boy you won't easily forget. For starters, Tommy's best friend is his pet hamburger, Burger. You might think that Tommy and Burger have amazing adventures meeting all types of different people, but the truth is that sometimes, Tommy gets so hungry that his Tummy often tries to EAT Burger.

     That's where all of Tommy's friends come in. Each additional character in the story has an important role to play in Tommy's culinary education. Pizza Face is Tommy's friend who sports a giant slice of Pepperoni and cheese for a head, but who also teaches Tommy about the importance of hygiene and washing our hands before we cook or eat. Mr. Bibbledy Bip is the most unspriteliest sprite you'll ever meet, until he ingests too much sugar and goes on a rampage. (Sprites are diabetic by nature, but have different reactions to glucose intolerance than we humans do...)

     Tommy's friends Tammy and Jimmy C. regularly go into long philosophical debates regarding the morality and spiritual ramifications of eating. Tammy, like Morrisey, feels strongly that causing the death of an animal in order to feed oneself is both immoral and unconscionable. Jimmy C., who is an anthropomorphic ear of corn feels that subsisting on a diet of fruits and vegetables is still immoral and unconscionable because instead of an animal you are causing the death of a plant. #ALLBEINGSMATTER

     Tommy's Tummy is a surreal exploration into consumption, digestion and surprisingly human ethics. Download Tommy and all his friends so that you can use them to articulate your ideas and beliefs surrounding food and eating using the groundbreaking animation software from Adobe, Character Animator.


tommy's tummy characters for adobe character animator puppets for sale digital action figures from the dope fiends comics