Waveformulas - Music CD by The Physics of Music

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     Waveformulas, The Physics of Music follow-up album to 2011's Off to Join the Circus, is an in-depth exploration of the songwriting process. Waveformulas is the story of a song, which is hovering in it's completed state, near the consciousness of the musicians, waiting to be written. Each song on the album is another attempt to faithfully recreate what already exists in the mental realm, ultimately culminating in the albums final track Shablazz.

     This exciting new concept album is a journey through electronic dance rhythms and funky calypso bass lines, featuring soulful lyrics and insightful raps that leave the toes tapping and the songs stuck in your ear. Featuring a full eighty minutes of music, you'll definitely get your money's worth from TPOM's Waveformulas.

Track Listing

1. Aquatic Invocation
2. Random Notes
3. The Infinity Bole - Part 1
4. The Choice
5. The Distraction
6. Particles of Knowledge
7. The Confusion Principle
8. The Infinity Bole - Part 2
9. The Y Configuration
10. High Frequency
11. Rarefaction
12. The Infinity Bole - Part 3
13. The View from the Top
14. Second Skin
15. NV Impulse
16. The Disruption
17. Forward Extrapolation
18. The Infinity Bole - Part 4
19. Highdrogen Tryoxide
20. Vocal Mechanism
21. Escape Velocity
22. Shablazz