Off to Join the Circus - Music CD by The Physics of Music

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     The debut album from the Dope Fiends' Revy AP and singer/songwriter Truly V. Off to Join the Circus is a mix of songs that all left home to form a band of miscreant, misanthropic melodies. With a blend of styles from artsy folk tunes like Glass Majic, to eighties style pop ballads such as Mind Manipulation, Off to Join the Circus is an amusement park ride for ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages!

Track Listing

1. Glass Majic
2. Lost in the Land of a Thousand Churches
3. A Sea of Tears
4. Ten-In-One
5. Honeybee
6. Escalation
7. Fixer Upper
8. Perpetual Twilight (Ode to the Railroaders)
9. The Axis of Hope
10. Ready to Ride
11. Mind Manipulation
12. Dry Spell
13. Groove Trip
14. The Clearing at the End of the Path