Bleed 'til you Succeed - Music CD by The Physics of Music

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     When recording duo Revy AP and Truly V (better known as TPOM) first learned about Roundscoring, they knew a seed had been planted. At last with Bleed 'til you Succeed, that seed has grown to fruition.

     CLICK HERE to read Revy AP's essay on Roundscoring, and how Bleed 'til you Succeed was directly inspired by the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" experience of playing the MGM classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, simultaneously with Pink Floyd's groundbreaking album, The Dark Side of the Moon.

     One of the greatest challenges of TPOM's career, Bleed 'til you Succeed is also their greatest success to date. Synch the album up with the Frank Oz film Little Shop of Horrors, and let TPOM take you over the rainbow, through the lightning and into a whole "other Oz."

Track Listing

1. Grass is Greener
2. Headtrapped
3. The Desperate Air
4. Feeding Frenzy
5. Phoning it in
6. The Next Level
7. Lightning in the Rainbow
8. Spotlight Ambition
9. Dorothy's Dream
10. My Own Shining Armor