The Dope Fiends Anthology Volume I - Soundtrack

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The Dope Fiends Comic Anthology

     This full length CD features companion music to Volume I of the Dope Fiends Anthology. Listen to twelve full length, original songs from genres ranging from reggae to electo-pop and folk. Each song represents a character from the story and provides insight into that character's personality and motivation.


1. Myam Agh'Naton
2. The Fallowing
3. Driah Ryes
4. Carida Wae
5. Dohja Ja Buk
6. Murmurbirds
7. Smorts and Snorts
8. Obsidians
9. Singhal Ohng
10. Sunshine Mundae
11. Pnuema Onugu
12. Whyde Uhuake