The Dope Fiends amigurumi band stop motion puppets

The Story in Music

     When I first started working on the Dope Fiends Comics, I played in a band, and was constantly asked what type or style of music I played. It was a question that never had an easy answer. If I said we were a reggae band, could we still play a heavy metal song? If we play a ska song, does that make us a ska band?

     I theorized that because every song had its own character, that every song could be it's own character. Thus, the Dope Fiends were born. 

     Although I write and perform all the music myself, I like to think of the Dope Fiends as a band in and of themselves, where each song/character has a role and indeed an instrument to play. 


These are the soundtracks that accompany each Volume in the Dope Fiends Comics Anthology.  The songs add insight to the characters' motivations and backstories.