Party Animals - Digital Action Figures and Play Sets

The Dope Fiends Comics Party Animals Digital Action Figures and Play Sets for Adobe Character Animator


From Zeros to… Heroes?


     It started with the demonstrations of radical militant badgers, protesting a shadow government regime. Which led to tighter immigration laws and the mass deportation of millions of undocumented Chihuahuas. Elephants and Donkeys picking their voters and meticulously redistricting so that minorities would be disenfranchised and dismissed.

     As tensions and terrorism escalated, the elitist corporate administration in charge of the most powerful country in the world devolved into an ever more reactionary and conservative barnyard. Seeking only to acquire more wealth and power through the appeasement of its racist and fascist base, the Party in power silenced any dissention with swift and lethal force.

     It was not long before all those who offered a voice of reason among the madness and chaos of dystopian rule were gone. Imprisoned, or impaled upon the sharp edge of the Party’s totalitarian control. Who then, would be left to stand up for free speech? Who would be brave enough to fight for liberty? Who would be willing to risk their lives for the lives of others, when there are no more heroes left to defend and inspire the masses?

     One group rose up amongst those left behind after the purge of imperialistic federal forces. One group with the courage and criminal records that made them the perfect fist of resistance. One group who had heroism thrust upon them, whose defense of their own selfish actions and interests started a wave of defiance that ultimately grew and swallowed the opposition whole.


They are – the Party Animals.

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Party Animals - Digital Action Figures and Play Sets

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