Fables - Music CD by DJAP

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     This concept album by DJAP features songs inspired by stories, fables and fairtytales from around the world. With both ancient and contemporary legends to draw from, each song provides a whole new perspective on the lessons we've been passing down from generation to generation.


1. A Wall Against the Wind - a Bene Geserit proverb
2. Polyphemus - of the Odyessy
3. The Mice and the Weasels - an Aesop fable
4. Pink Nightmare - inspired by the art of Jamie Fontana
5. The Stonecutter's Wish - a Japanese folk tale
6. The Flower Princess - a Grimm fairy tale
7. The Wolf the Fox and the Ape - an Aesop fable
8. Too Good To Be True - the writ of Tziru
9. Hare, Monkey, Otter and Badger - a Japanese folk tale


Also be sure to listen to the bonus track The Warlock's Hairy Heart based on the tales of Beedle the Bard from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling on soundcloud.