The Dope Fiends Anthology Volume I - Issue 3

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The third issue of the Dope Fiends Anthology. Full color, 36 pages and printed in the USA!



     The mysterious Emissary closes in, while the Dope Fiends find themselves caught in the crossfire between the rival armies of the Smorts and the Snorts. When they combine their voices, the magical music is the key that summons the Murmur to their help.



     This unconventional comic book is a fun departure from both the super-hero genre and traditional hand drawn comics. Using the Japanese technique of amigurumi the Dope Fiends Anthology Volume I features hand crocheted stop-motion puppets that exist in sets built from miniature sized props and hand painted backgrounds.



     If you are looking for a dope story, told in a new and unique fashion, then the Dope Fiends is for you!