Headcases - Issue 1

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 Check out this brand-new crime-noir detective story by the Dope Fiends Comics. Printed in nostalgic black and white with a full color cover, 40 pages USA made goodness!

     Detective Lancaster is a down-and-out gumshoe on the rebound of a broken marriage and a hopeless career when a strange case lands in his lap and begins to unfold. What do a tattooed body, a missing coroner and a sultry lounge singer have in common? Read the Dope Fiends Comic's Headcases and find out!

     Headcases highlights the Dope Fiends Comic's unique style of amigurumi photo-comic in this first ever ongoing series within the genre of suspense thriller. With no prior knowledge of the Dope Fiends Anthology needed to appreciate the story, Headcases makes a great jumping in point for new readers!

     If you're looking for the next hottest thing in comics, buy the Dope Fiends' Headcases today!