My thoughts on America 2017 and the Trumpresidency

Trumpresident – n. An asshole named Trump, who will never truly be president, but instead will hold residency of office due to questionable means, until a suitable replacement is demanded and delivered by the American people. 

     Like millions of other Americans, I have settled into something of a depression regarding the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. What the fuck happened right? A lot of vociferous alt-righters on Facebook claim that Trump’s victory over Clinton was the will of the people, but I have a really hard time believing that the people of America have become so malicious, that they would willingly elect such an outspoken and hateful candidate as Donald Trump. 

     Trump is a self-announced bigot, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, fascist who has made hateful comments about minorities, veterans and the disabled, among others. We have a plethora of footage of him making comments that SHOULD totally disqualify him from being even considered as a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States. Yet, within the month, he will be sworn in to office anyway.

     Meanwhile, the 114th Congress of the United States on the first night of the new session, in a secret meeting voted to disband the Office of Congressional Ethics, or OCE, which is a watchdog committee that was formed to keep those crooks in check. Although this vote was overturned the next day, the fact that it was even attempted is OUTRAGEOUS.

     Here is the problem with America right now. ACCOUNTABILITY. (People who know me are like, “here he goes again…”) How can these things, which we have proof of, be allowed to  stand? Russia interferes in the election on behalf of Trump, the CIA knows about it, but they let him hold the office anyway?! What the fuck people? That’s the actual definition of treason.

Treason – n. 1. An act of deliberate betrayal 2. A crime that undermines the offender’s government 3. Disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior

     Forget the popular vote and the electoral college for a moment. Let’s just look at the Republican candidate. The amount of hate crime with Trump’s name on it, that has surfaced since the election only serves to prove that such a divisive candidate is not fit for office.   But the real problem behind all of this is that these (and I hesitate to use this word because Trump, at best is a reality TV star) “politicians” can do and say these things, and no one holds them accountable. We continue to allow these people to represent us, even though we chose others instead.

     If the institutions that we have chosen to govern us, no longer protect us from this type of demagoguery and fascist propaganda in the highest levels of our government, we must accept one of two conclusions.


  1. This IS who we are. America is a nation of hateful motherfuckers, and we should all just get on board with it and fuck-up any and everyone we disagree with until either we or they are left standing. I’m talking fuck the stupid NFL, WWF, and UFC leagues, let’s get into some REAL gladiatorial, two men enter – one man leaves shit. We have the supposed military superiority, let’s forge the American Empire and extend manifest destiny across the globe, converting or executing anyone who opposes us. America or die.




  1. We are left to overthrow those institutions that no longer serve us, and replace them with institutions that do. Take for example the debate on Cannabis legalization. Big pharmaceutical corporations are against the legalization of medicinal (nevermind recreational) Cannabis, because of the billions of dollars Americans spend every year on crap like Xanax, Prozac, Zoloft etc… which is heavily addicting and do not work as well to actually alleviate the symptoms of the various ailments for which they are used. To date, Cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic by the federal government, and in the state of Texas, it is neither medicinally nor recreationally legal. Has that stopped me from smoking it? Not a day in twenty years.


     What am I actually advocating here? Well, if there is no consequence for Trump not paying his taxes, there won’t be for you either. Especially if you don’t even have money for groceries and electricity bills. I once told a bill collector “I’m not going to give you another cent, and if you don’t like it, you are welcome to come kill me and kick my dead body until it bleeds pennies, but I don’t think you’d be satisfied.”

     That’s the attitude I am talking about. If you don’t like the laws, don’t follow them. Demand they be re-written. Especially if those laws are written so as to make the life of someone more difficult because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or for fuck’s sake opinion! Remember, the government is supposed to serve you, the citizens of these United States of America, NOT the other way around.

     If you are part of the America I know, that stands united against the kind of militaristic violence and segregational propaganda we are being bombarded with by the mainstream media and our elected representatives, an America which is inclusive and united not against any person, nation or ideology, but united in our efforts to make a better life for everyone, everywhere; then the best advice I can give you right now, is something I heard from Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk band. They encourage people to use whatever talent you have to dissent the policies and officials that we all know have no business representing us, and our great country in this manner.

     Keep in mind that your voice is ALL that you have, and that people like Trump actually take shit like Twitter and Facebook comments serious. Social media is a weapon, and your voice is the ammunition USE THEM! Express yourselves America!


Here, I’ll start:

     I will not tolerate your intolerance. This is a pledge and a promise. To the supporters of hatful and divisive policies and officials. – Refer to choice number 1 motherfuckers. If I see ANYBODY treating ANYBODY ELSE with disrespect or violence based on ANYTHING other than their actions, be prepared to be met with armed, lethal resistance.

     As for using my talents to dissent, artistically speaking - the Dope Fiends Comics will be debuting later this year, it's first ever animated series entitled "In Your Dreams." Be sure to stay tuned for this exciting development as the year progresses, and check out the teaser page by clicking the link above.

     Stay tough America, police ourselves and each other. Treat all life as though you were interacting with your best self, and nothing will bring us down. The truth will always be revealed, and those guilty of working to oppress the diversity and equality of all humanity will themselves be conquered. Let's use our minds and art to make hatred obsolete.


Much love in 2017 my Dope fRiends!

- AP