Lo-Fi Pirate-Hop: Pirate Broadcast and Stolen Images


 When the internet was younger (like back in the AOL/Myspace days) there was this thing called Internet Radio, which eventually became streaming audio from internet stations and podcasts. The best thing about these early radio streams were that they exposed the listener to a variation of songs and remixes that did not have to comply with standard copyright laws due to them not actually broadcasting on/over the airwaves. I heard a lot of cool dubs that reminded me of the "even older days" before the internet, when you would make mixtapes off the radio for yourself and your friends. 

     In my Dope Fiends persona as DJap - I wrote a series of three mixes called Internet Radio to pay homage to those endless hours of 64k modem music. As time has passed, I find myself listening to those mixes more and more and appreciating what I did on a greater level than when I wrote it, wanting to make more.

     When I learned about the YouTube phenomenon of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop radio stations and live streaming channels, I knew what DJap's next project would be...



     I want to go on record here, that I am against piracy, and that I make no claim of ownership over the following artwork. To make profit from someone else's work is a degradation. However, to make art from someone else's work; inspired by someone else's work is an honor. That is what I have tried to do here, honor these original artists, by incorporating their separate works into a multimedia performance that is greater than the sum of it's parts.

     The idea began to formulate when a friend of mine gave me a copy of a CD (a plastic disc that humans used to encode digital music on) which he told me was written by a 1960's German composer for German pornography. It was a good story. He even showed me the CD case, complete with booklet and credits, which I should have written down. Years later when it occurred to me to remix this "German porno music" with Hip-Hop beats and EDM instruments, I learned to my dismay that the music was actually written by a band called Budos Band in 2005. I don't know if my friend knew that or not, or maybe the wrong CD was in the case? IDK.

     Anyway, when I came across YouTube's Lo-Fi channel 7clouds, I felt like I could salvage the Budos Band remixes by animating unlicensed anime images of cool girls making music, as seen in this fledgling "industry." Again, my goal was not to claim ownership or assert rights over any of the music of images, only to use Adobe Character Animator to see how much animation I could create by taking still images and setting them to music.

      I am, it turns out - happy with the result. Hope you will enjoy it too!