What gibberish is this?

     Hello again all! As you no doubt have noticed if you've been following my site, there has been a lot of new additions in the "Weeb-ix" category lately. Just what in the Weeb am I talking about?

     You won't find a definition of Weebie on Google, because 'We-Be' making it up! Well of course it's a brand-new brand from the Dope Fiends Comics and Legends of the Adorbs Crochet. It's rough on the hashtags, but soft in the ear, so be sure to tell everyone that a Weebie is a super cute amigurumi doll. 

     I've been fascinated lately with a certain style of kawaii amigurumi that at best can be labeled 'chibi.' This is a style which generally features a huge over-sized head atop a tiny body, usually with attention paid to the eyes of the character, but not necessarily the nose or mouth. Here are a few examples of the style I'm talking about from the internet:


 My attempt at Weeblings...

     My first foray into the genre were my wildly popular NightWeebies based on Clive Barker's Nightbreed. Because of the popularity of the Nightbreed franchise, my work was immediately praised on the Clive Barker PodcastThese Weebies were all made on a similar pattern with variations on the theme to accommodate the individual members of the Nightbreed. I had so much fun on this project that I had to create another one!

     Following the Chibi/Weebie protocol and template, I began to think of a new product that I could easily produce for an affordable cost, and was also familiar enough to have value to the general populace without stepping on the toes of anyone else's license in order to be produced. This led to the creation of my line of Freaky Sideshow Fetus Weebies or Weebuses, of which the Weeblit is the smallest and most commonly found member.

Weebies on Canvas

    This has led to a new form of 'Andygurumi' which is normally referred to as applique. However, I have begun to stitch my crochet applique onto paintings, which I have dubbed, 'Croch-aintings.'

     These are just a few samples of the one-offs I am doing, which will be available for sale at the Dope Fiends Booth at the shows and conventions we attend. If you can't wait, order a Weebie before Halloween and get $10 off! Just apply the Discount Code HalloWeebie Sale! at checkout.