Howdy Everybody!

It's been a while since I last spoke to you internet, and I have a lot to fill you in on. The Dope Fiends have been hard at work creating more spectacular content for those fRiends of the dope! We've been out of contact because we've been busy expanding our studio space in order to bring you a higher quality of comic production and stop-motion animation. The labs here at Trinity Productions now include a photography room with a complete stop-motion stage setup as well as our continually dependable audio production theater. 

Here's a WIP shot from a few months ago...

So what's next for your favorite fiends? Some of the same and some new stuff also. Over the course of the next few months, the Dope Fiends website will be undergoing some changes and additions. Stay tuned for a new general audience product line, known as THE ADORBS! Finally some Dope you can share with your kids!

OHEMGEE! The Feels are going to Cute me to Death!

Trust me, you're gonna love these guys, and if you want a sneak preview:

Visit the Adorbs' YouTube Channel @


Visit the Adorbs' Vine Channel @


Lastly, be sure to check out the updated Character of the Month and Upcoming Appearance pages to keep current with the latest and greatest in the world of Dope. This May, the Dope Fiends and EXP will be joining the owners and staff at Black Sheep Comics for Free Comic Book Day. We've been asked to run the showcase part of the event, and are currently reviewing interested bands that meet the show criteria. 

The exciting news is that we are developing a special event for the Free Comic Book Day festivities which we will tentatively title "Musical Dungeons and Dragons." This event will feature the talent of EXP plus a few guest musicians and will involve members of the audience interested in playing a card/role-playing game that determines the outcome of the band's setlist. Sound crazy? WE ARE CRAZY! 

Be sure to join us on Free Comic Book Day - May 2, 2015 at Black Sheep Comics in El Paso, TX for amigurumi fun and musical excitement.

Until next we meet, keep blazin' ya'll! 

- AP