Hey there everybody, I know it's been kinda quiet on the Dope Fiends front recently, but that's because we've been taking time away from promoting our music, comics and crochet cosplay to actually create some more awesome products. Please check out Dark Corners Issue #2 to follow the continuing adventure of Coquette, as she tries to save her people from the deadly XYD virus. 
     You know what else has been going on? A MASSIVE studio expansion at Trinity Productions. The time has come, and we've grown so much that our studio space is too small for our amigurumi ambitions. So, we've branched out and given the Dope Fiends Comics it's own studio space in order to get the yarn out from under the guitar amps! Progress on the renovations is about 60-70% complete, and all our lovable readers can expect a construction video as soon as the work is finished. Oh yeah, trying to free up some extra space, anybody want to buy a pool table?
     The Dope Fiends is pleased to announce also, that our collaborative friendship with the owners of Black Sheep Comics is growing and strengthening. You can now purchase Dope Fiend's Comics at the comic book store! Maverick and Meeko have also invited the Dope Fiends out to a couple of great upcoming events:
Join us at Black Sheep Comics
1491 N. Lee Trevino Ste I
El Paso, TX 79935
For Bat-man and Dr.Who Day
Saturday July 26, 2014
10am - 5 pm
Black Sheep Comics 1-year Anniversary
Saturday October 4, 2014
10am - 5pm
The Dope Fiends will also be participating in a Black Sheep Charity Auction on their one year anniversary.
Several of AP's original sculptures and items of crocheted apparel will be up for auction.
     Lastly, we have one more announcement of the top-secret teaser variety. For those of our friends who are familiar with our past Halloween float making career - we couldn't be more excited to announce that we're doing it again. That's right... we're back baby! The Dope Fiends Comics and Black Sheep would like to invite you to this Halloween's KLAQ parade in east El Paso, to see a float we promise is going to knock some socks clear off! No spoilers here as to the theme, but judging by our previous successes, this year is going to be one of the best presentations yet!
     We hope to see you all at Bat-man/Dr. Who Day, The Black Sheep Anniversary, and the KLAQ Halloween parade. Plus dont forget that the Dope Fiends will be on our Road Tour from September 16 - September 29. Scheduled stops include:
9/16 Phoenix, AZ
9/17 Sacramento, CA
9/18-9/21 Portland, OR - Join us for Rose City Comic Con!!
9/22-9/24 Seattle, WA
9/25 Boise, ID
9/26 Denver, CO
9/27 Colorado Springs, CO
     We are working hard to cement some comic book shop and cannabis cafe appearances to shoot pictures for our Road Trip exclusive comic, which will presale during the duration of the trip and have a 72 hour turnaround print time once the tour is complete. If you'd like to appear in the exclusive comic from the Dope Fiends, be sure to check back on the appearance section of our website for locations where you can meet Dube, Foklorico, Bong and all the other Dope Fiends.
     Thanks again, everyone for reading our comics and sporting our crocheted hats, hoodies and cosplays. To all the people out there bumpin' the Dope Fiends and DJap tunes - you rock! (Both of you!) Stay tuned for more fun and excitement to come ya'll!
     - AP