Please forgive the following short complaint.

...but to get my point across it really is necessary for you to understand the week/end I was having. Drive ten hours to Dallas with no cruise control - tedious. Convention move-in schedule not being adhered to - frustrating. Angry and intimidating attitude of convention staff, volunteers and personnel - unacceptable. Threats by convention of vehicle impoundment - ridiculous. Intentional corruption of internet signal for those unwilling to pay a wifi fee - outrageous. Belligerent attitude of Dallas Comic Con staff, volunteers and personnel at load-out - I was actually threatened. (But when I asked the guy, "Or you'll what?" - he had no answer...) Todd's Porsche got hit, and he was called into work, so he and Boo basically ate the $80 worth of convention passes. I was the victim of road rage on Dallas streets a total of 7 times, and I'm not too proud to admit, perpetrator of 2 revenge incidents of my own, which may or may not have involved my middle finger.


Needless to say I was pretty irate by the time Sunday night rolled around. Until I read a blog post by an attendee I had met earlier in the weekend by the name of Rachel Meeks.


Rachel as it turns out, writes a blog entitled Do I Look Sick which aims to raise awareness for sufferers of a whole host of invisible ailments and chronic pain, from which she herself suffers. Her Blog has received numerous awards and online recognition. So when I read the following excerpt from Chronic Travel Bug - Dallas Comic Con I was profoundly moved.



When I met Rachel, and inquired about her blog, she asked me if I could tell whether or not she was in pain. I admitted that I couldn't. She and her husband Toby were both warm and animated and both displayed a welcome positive attitude, giving me encouragement and praise for my crochet work.  To later learn that I met her when she was starting to get tired and "hurty" was something of a surprise. Not because I didn't expect it, (she did mention that she wrote a blog about invisible pain...) but because I had NO IDEA that my art was weird and wacky enough to have the kind of effect on someone, that momentarily made them forget their pain.



That my work could mesmerize and captivate me is something I always knew. It's the main reason I make the Dope Fiends Comics. Until now however, I had never really considered that others might be able to take something positive away form my work. It was just entertainment, and I wasn't sure by how severe a factor. Reading Rachel's comments healed me of all the anger and frustration I felt over the entire weekend, and served as a reminder that I don't attend Conventions to make money, but to make friends. Regardless of what transpires within the city and between the convention center staff, these are the kind of people I went to Dallas to meet. Thank you Rachel and Toby - meeting you made the entire weekend worth the expense, and was a HUGE validation of my efforts.


the Revy AP and Rachel Meeks                        


When I say I was profoundly affected by the validation of my efforts, I need to elucidate here a bit further. Rachel refers to my "wingman" who is - in actuality, my Agent and good friend Jose Bolivar from I am extremely grateful for Jose's help in all of the endeavors he undertakes for me, but I take it as the highest compliment in this context, not only because Jose believes enough in what I am doing to be an awesome wingman, but because his sales pitch is built upon and derived from the same schpiel that Jonny McFire, Rozanna, Tulara and I have been using to approach people over the last several years. The more Natalie saw Jose using and adapting "the approach" and the reaction the public had to his efforts on my behalf, the more comfortable and confident she became engaging people. 


Jose, Natalie, and all 4 of AP's chins                        

Which is a long winded way of saying that I'm relieved and delighted to find out that BEING NICE WORKS! Putting forth positive energy does inspire positive outcomes. I wish I had realized that sooner and been more patient with all the people whose job it was to try and put a noose around my neck. I'm not wearing it, but that's not their fault. ;P

- AP


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