New Crochet Circle in El Paso, TX Just Announced - Sun City Crochet!

Welcome Everyone to Sun City Crochet!


     In response to the popular demand experienced at Sun City SciFi 2014, the Dome Friends Millinery and Haberdashery is proud to announce the formation of Sun City Crochet. We are now enrolling charter members interested in participating in a community based crochet group, located in the El Paso area.

     At our inaugural meeting (date and location TBA) we will discuss an Articles of Confederation, because I want this to be our group, not my group. I'd like everyone to have a say from the beginning. We can discuss as a group how we want to run things and what kind of projects we'd like to pursue.


      All of the ideas that I would like to incorporate into this enterprise surround five basic principles:



     The projects that will be undertaken by Sun City Crochet and its members will benefit El Paso and the surrounding communities. All records and files pertaining to the donation of money and products will be publicly available via both and other social media yet to be established.



    If one person can change the world, what can we accomplish together? One of Sun City Crochet's main goals is to be an inclusive forum where members can learn, experiment and grow as artists, while learning cooperative skills that benefit their own projects. Be sharing techniques and crochet "cheat-codes" among our peers, we become more expansive within our own skill set.



     The artists and craftspeople in my hometown of El Paso, TX deserve credit. We have an amazing talent pool and are capable of creating stunning visual images in crochet. The projects we undertake will always be fun, creative and captivating. The art form of crochet is so versatile that it can be represented in a multitude of interesting and unique styles. Sun City Crochet offers the public an opportunity to explore the whimsical side of crochet.



     Crochet is such an essentially easy art, that I hold to the statement that anyone can do it. When discussing knitting vs. crocheting, I always assert that one tool (the hook) can do as much or more work than two (the needles.) I LOVE when someone sees my crochet and tells me that they wish they could crochet, because I tell them, that they can! Then I show them how. Sun City Crochet is a more reliable way of connecting with the part of the community that wants to be more artistic in their life, and choose to explore the wonderful world of crochet to express themselves.



     Humanity's greatest ability is our capacity to dream, hope and imagine aspects of our reality that do not exist until we will them into being. Sun City Crochet will always strive to be an inclusive and encouraging environment, where everyone has equality of voice, and all ideas can be expressed. The more that we imagine, the more that there is for us to imagine...




     Some projects that I'd like to suggest to get us rolling are:


1. We can make hats and blankets to donate. - That's easy

2. We can invent comedic super heroes/heroines and make crochet costumes to cosplay. - Better

3. Yarnbombing.  Let's make a video! - SCHAWEET!




     If you are interested in joining Sun City Crochet and would like information on our inaugural meeting, please email:


     with the initials SCC in the heading.



We look forward to meeting you all soon! 
 Revy AP