Sun City SciFi Success!

Hello again everybody!  I wanted to thank everyone who visited our booth this weekend at Sun City SciFi in El Paso, TX. We met so many friendly dope people that it's hard to name them all.  But for sure the two shout outs I need to make immediately are to Simon at for all the encouragement and to Robert and David at for blowing all our minds with their Augmented Reality. It was awesome meeting everyone!

Also, a big thanks to Jose, Mike and Rozanna for all your help. Your conviction that my talent is valuable is the best reward I could receive for my efforts.  (That goes for Jonny Mac and Truly V too, for all the help at the numerous conventions we've attended!)

Lastly, to everyone with whom I spoke about a crochet circle. LET'S DO IT.  I will arrange a time and place and post a date and time to hold our inaugural meeting whereupon we can decide as a community how often to meet and what projects to pursue. I've been thinking about the how-to's on this, and I'd like to find ways for our crochet to benefit the El Paso community.


Charity. Education. Entertainment. Inspiration. Imagination.


Some crochet projects I'd like to throw out there:


1. We can make hats and blankets to donate. - That's easy

2. We can invent comedic super heroes/heroines and make crochet costumes to cosplay. - Better

3. Yarnbombing.  Let's make a video! - SCHAWEET!


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- AP