Keepin' it up to Date

Hey everyone! 

     Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I am still working hard on the Dope Fiends comics, despite me seeming disappearance since last September. 

     My personal life has been pretty slammed lately, and although its no excuse I did after all win first prize in the 2015 KLAQ Halloween Parade, get married (thank-you), have a good many holidays, and then spend several weeks care-giving loved ones (3 of them) who were hospitalized.

     But now back to work! Please come check us out this April 15-17th at EPCON in El Paso, TX at the Judson F. Williams Convention Center!

EPCON El Paso Comic Convention

     The Dope Fiends Comics will also be attending Black Sheep Comics' Free Comic Book Day on May 7. 

     I also promise to return to my normal printing schedule and get you guys those next issues you've been craving in ALL of your favorite Dope Fiends Comics storylines. We are proud to announce that the Dope Fiends Comics is no longer a subsidiary of Trinity Productions, but will now be publishing independently as the Dope Fiends Comics LLC. With this change, we have moved to a new print on demand service that we feel will match our needs and goals as an independent publishing house, and still deliver the same high quality product that our fans have come to "Equespecte."


Don't be alarmed by any temporary absences from the website, the best is yet to come!! - AP