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     Hot on the tails of February’s “The Whisper Box” comes DJAP’s eighth full-length studio album, “Almost Voices.” Weaving intricate soundscapes that blend ethereal melodies with pulsating beats, “Almost Voices” creates an immersive auditory experience simulating the ascendancy of Artificial Intelligence. DJAP introduces listeners to a sonic landscape where haunting vocal snippets are intertwined with lush, ambient textures and rhythmic complexities, showcasing DJAP’s mastery in balancing electronic elements with the human touch, hinting at an album rich with emotional depth and innovative sound design.

     DJAP tells us that, “When I finished ‘The Whisper Box,’ I felt that there was still more music to be explored conceptually within the aural world I had created. ‘Almost Voices’ is a direct continuation of my experimentation with AI technology, and it’s uses in the song production studio of the future.”

"Almost Voices," features the innovative use of AI-generated samples that play a pivotal role in crafting the album's unique soundscapes. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, DJAP has created original melodies and rhythms that push the boundaries of traditional music production.

     The fusion of AI samples and traditional musical techniques allows DJAP to craft compositions which are both innovative and emotionally resonant. By manipulating AI-generated melodic lines, DJAP infuses the personal artistic touch, ensuring that each melody aligns with the album's thematic essence. The resulting album is a testament to the harmonious interplay between technology and human artistry, offering listeners an experience that is at once futuristic and deeply human.

With "Almost Voices," DJAP invites you to explore a world where the lines between the digital and the organic blur, offering a profound and contemplative listening experience. This album promises to be a testament to DJAP’s evolution, as the boundaries of electronic music continue to be redefined.


Almost Voices Front Cover
Almost Voices Rear Cover


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